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AGM Productivity Add-ons

Choose one of our AGM add-on tools allowing you to get the productivity increase or control you need. 

Amadeus DMS stores your documents to your local archive.  But sometimes a pdf-document is missing. There are gaps.  How to find them?  

This application checks the consistency and sends you an e-mail with your missing sales invoices, so you can re-print/re-archive your missing document and complete your archive.


Your accounting is outsourced with Accon/RVS and you are using Accon’s invoice archive.  Then you need to send your AGM PDF invoices and a file for the Accon invoice portal to display the data.

This application creates daily, a file with all Accon/RVS required metadata.  With our Invoice Archive check App you can check the consistency.


Sometimes it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems.  You have all the data from AGM ready.  But your recipient requires a slightly different file name conversion.  Or needs to get it zipped before transfer.

We have several applications to accommodate these requests.  For recipients of credit card extraction charge/reconciliation files or MIS reporting files.


Are you also a client that uses the free of charge .dat file format for its AGM BSP Supplier matching.  But you need to get it into an .agt format allowing AGM to use it’s standard upload programs.

This application converts the .dat into .agt format.  Mostly in use with clients in Scandanivic and the Baltic region.  But obviously available to all regions.


Are you storing/dowloading your AGM HOH files for further purposes?  But you don’t like the default file names from the GDS or AGM HOH.

The application renames your files by adding the record locator in the file name convention.  Therefore allowing a fast and easy windows explorer search.


Working with reservation and accounting currencies. Receiving supplier invoices in local currency.  Then you should keep your AGM currency rates updated.  Easiest way to do this, is to upload your rates on a daily basis.

We have a foreign exchange rate file which we upload daily to your server, allowing you to update your AGM currencies.


Do you need to be able to produce an agent coupon for your flight products.  And you want to do this directly out of AGM.

We have a crystal clear lay-out ready where you can print on demand per ticket an agent coupon.


E-Invoice and Invoice statements

This set of products creates single e-Invoices or a summary statement allowing your clients easy integration of your sales invoices into their accounting.

Making distribution simple. Saving your clients the coding to the respective accounts.  Or seamless integration for your clients invoice  approval process. 

The E-Invoice standard format for the DACH Region, ZUGFeRD (Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronische Rechnung Deutschland) gives end users one format to process in ERP or accounting systems.   And since March 2020, Version 2.1 of the ZUGFeRD XML is now also fully compatible with FactureX XML for the French Market.

Our application converts AGM single Invoice data into the ‘ZUGFeRD v2.1 Basic edition’ XML format and then adds it inside the AGM Invoice PDF as PDF/A followed by sending it via e-mail to your clients central address or travellers. .

Your advantage, ZUGFeRD is a common standard and allows you to integrate your TMC invoices with your clients SAP system.  Automation for both and faster payments.  Make use of this ideal way of transferring your invoices.


Are you located in Austria. Then for sure you have heard of the ‘Austrian e-Invoice submission’ standardizing the transmission of invoices to the austrian government.  But not only the government is using this file format.  Several ERP systems use this format also.

Our application converts your AGM invoice data to the standard XML format.  Allowing you to e-mail or upload the data for automated processing.


Do you have clients that require you to deliver your invoices in electronic format to be uploaded to their E-Invoice Provider/Collector in the standard UBL2.1 Format?

Our application converts your AGM invoice data to this standard UBL2.1-XML format.  

Our applications can upload the data directly using sftp to know providers such as Storecove who are connectors to E-Invoice Networks such as Peppol3.0 or Basware. Automate your invoicing process with your client by using this add-on.


If your company is located in Hungary, then you are obliged to upload your VAT invoices to the government portal.

The application filters the eligible VAT invoices from the list of AGM invoices.  It creates the government specific XML file, tokenizes it and uploads it to   You see, full automation and government/market compliance all in one.


Many clients have SAP in use and work with the SAP PO module to import your sales invoices.

We have applications compliant with SAP PO using either predefined formats in Edifact or Ansi, iDocs.or ZUGFeRD.


DIG, the company for E-Procurement, Archiving, Postal mail.  WDG e.U.  has a predefined setup on AGM in which the necessary metadata file and AGM PDF Invoices get send to DIG.  Contact us to get this setup activated for your AGM.

Use DIG as your digital AGM Archive. With DIG you can set-up a user management in which your clients can call up their own data.  Even credit card reconciliations are offered.

Your client requires an e-statement of all invoices you created during a certain period. These files get uploaded in ERP Systems such as SAP, SAGE, …

We have a large set of small applications in which we convert AGM invoice data towards the requirement of the TMC’s client.  Check us out and see if any of these formats matches your requirement.


Cash Box Payment settlement

No link between the credit card payment company and your AGM Cash Box?

Use one of these transfer tools allowing you to charge your transaction. 

You have or want a contract with Payone (formerly SIX Saferpay) to get your AGM Cash box transactions charged like with the other credit card extraction files.

This application sends all your day-1 transactions via API to Payone to get charged.  Payment charge results and declines can be checked online in your personal Payone portal.  As well as processing additional charges from this portal.

Use WDG’s  reseller rebate for starting with a new contract with Payone.

Check out more details about Payone and the portal via


You have or want a contract with Worldline to get your AGM Cash box transactions charged like with the other credit card extraction files.

Send your cash box transactions via standard AGM credit card extraction files to Worldline for processing. 

Use WDG’s  reseller rebate for starting with a new contract with Worldline.


Travel Expense Management

Your customers are using an external expense management tool? Yes, obviously. 

But how do we get your travel agency invoices into the external expense application?

Use one of these transfer tools allowing you to offer your customers full process optimization. 

The newcomer from the past years on the Expense Management market is definitely: Yokoy. Offering a fantastic single intuitive platform application for spend management for medium &large enterprises with artificial intelligence, combining expense management, supplier invoice management and smart corporate cards.

Our application captures all invoiced data from your ‘Yokoy customers’ & pdf-invoices from AGM (AGM archiving as prerequisite) and sends these daily automatically to Yokoy for processing. This way, your customers can assign it to their expense sheet.  An additional benefit is that Yokoy offers your customers direct integration with their accounting systems.  This way your invoices gets paid seamlessly and faster.  From the online booking to the expense management into accounting.   

Use WDG’s  rebate for starting with a new contract with Yokoy, by referring to us.

Check out more details about Expense Management Applications from Yokoy via


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