About Us

Welcome to WDG e.U.

Our history

WDG e.U. was founded in 2001 by owner Wim De Graeve.  Originally with an exclusive contract as external consultant for Amadeus until 2008.    Our roots go back to working in the travel industry since 1996.  Always front facing the next issue or enhancement within the Industry.

From 2008 WDG e.U. joined up with a team of programmers located in Czech Republic, Germany and Ukraine creating travel technology solutions .          And we keep doing since. 

Yes, e.U. stands for a One Person Entity.  But we’ve never been alone.  So to be able to offer the growing client base, the support & service required,   WDG joined in 2014 the network group of consultants from TravelBrain who assist guaranteeing our service levels.


Our 6-D process for Applications



We find the gaps. Optimize your automation process or services workflows.



Our speciality: Analysing the gaps.  Define and advising.  Always together with YOU.

We are masters in comming up with creative feasable solutions.  We empower innovation.



Whether it’s an Application or just a plug-in to your existing software.  The design is always tailored to your definition.



With off-shore developers in 3 countries, we choose the best applicant for your design.

Not only makes this us flexible but also fast.  And allows us to offer you a competitive pricing. 



Quality guaranteed.   We test it.  You test it.  We adapt until you are satisfied.



Delivery, documentation and deployment of applications as agreed. 

But we don’t stop after delivery.  We also keep it running. We offer you support and updates.